Ad Specialties!

Total Impressions is a broker in the Ad Specialty and Printing trade. This website is a portal to services provided by the Promotional Products industry and consists of links to various distributor tools such as websites of: ad specialty products database, flyers of current specials, apparel sites, as well as, specific supplier branded sites. When browsing, if you see an item you wish to purchase that will aid in branding your logo and marketing your services or event, contact us.
'A Logo Working' and 'Distributor Central' are the names we gave to the above websites which are a generic industry provided searchable database website that we subscribed to and branded with our name. Both have hundreds and hundreds of suppliers offering several hundreds of thousands of promotional items. These Ad Specialty trade sites products and pricing are maintain by said suppliers. It is a great place to start and see all that is available within the promotional products industry.